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Nutritional & Natural Remedies

There are many options for supplements out there, so how do you know which one is right for you?  Most of the time the answer is by selecting the highest quality herbal and food-based supplementation available to you.   By doing this you can rest assured that your body has what it needs to restore your health.  Dr. Nix also offers health and nutrition counseling so your health is maintained beyond your visits to the office.

Allergy elimination is a form of treatment also provided in order to assist with issues related to sugar handling, gluten, digestion, and traditional sinus-related symptoms of allergies. Essential oils and homeopathic remedies are incorporated to assist with removing toxicities that may be present in the body. With this combination of nutrition-related treatments, the chemical components of your health can be addressed comprehensively.

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Some of our most trusted sources of nutritional supplements include Standard Process, Nurti-West, and Doterra.