Fees and Insurance

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In order to give you the highest value of care, and to help simplify the billing process, Clear Route is happy to offer you our One Price Approach.  This approach allows you to know exactly what you'll pay without all the gimmicks or pressure you might experience dealing with other doctor's offices.


How It Works

We created the One Price Approach to be as straight forward as possible.  It works like this - patients pay at time of service and can expect consistent prices for each visit:

  • Initial visit: $150 
  • Follow up appointments: $65
  • Treatments for children of active clients are discounted 15%

Patients requesting longer follow up appointments will be assessed an additional $65.

For supplements offered in the office, we simply follow the suggested retail prices set by our suppliers.

We like to help take the guess work out of healthcare.  With this approach, you can expect excellent care with a simpler pricing model.  The best of both worlds.


Do you take insurance?

We don't participate directly with insurance companies, but we offer you the resources and documentation you need to file for reimbursement when your insurance offers chiropractic benefits.


Can I use my HSA account?

Definitely.  Health Savings Accounts have become very popular in the past few years because you get to choose the type of care you want to receive.  Chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional services are all services covered by HSA accounts.


Why don't you take Insurance?

Simply put, we want to help you get better in the most efficient way.

  • Insurance companies only reimburse doctors for a limited list of insurance approved therapies.  As a result, doctors are incentivized to focus on what insurance will pay them for rather than what you're here for - to reach your health goals.
  • Often times chiropractors that rely on insurance will order extra insurance approved treatments such as heat packs, X-rays, and massage machines.  We have opted to only treat what you need and not charge you for the extras to ensure that both your and our goals are aligned.
  • Offices that rely on insurance reimbursement have to hire extra staff to process claims.  The cost to pay this staff is passed on to the patient via higher rates or less time with the doctor.  By streamlining the process, we are still able to offer you great service at a reasonable price.
  • Offices that are insurance based are often going to order as many chiropractic visits as your insurance allows.  This results in both wasted time and money for many patients.  We only suggest the amount of care you need, thus making us more cost-effective.

Do you treat Medicare Patients?

We do treat Medicare patients.  We are registered with Medicare as a non-par provider, which means that we require payment at time of service.  We will file your claim and Medicare will reimburse you directly when the treatment meets their stipulations.  The One Price Approach we referred to on this page will be adjusted to match Medicare's fee schedule.

Medicare does not pay for exams or for treatment outside of the spine, so Medicare recipients are responsible to pay for these services.  Within Medicare's stipulations, they will reimburse you for spinal care.


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Insurance claim documents

If you are filing your insurance claim, we've made it as easy as possible for you.  For your convenience we've collected the paperwork you'll need and created the following links.  These will take you to the various websites to download the required paperwork.